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Don't iFail.

A single X-ray or diagnostic test can save your life. The same is true of product development. Sometimes it's what you don't know that's most dangerous. You owe it to your management, your development team, and your own career to get the best, most-respected diagnostic feedback you can. Before it's too late.

Whether you're buying processors or making them, you need to know how your product stacks up. An objective, unbiased review can be a life-saver. Don't rely on your own party line. A self-congratulatory echo chamber can lead to costly mistakes. Here's just a taste of the clients we've helped:

  • One almost designed a major product around a processor chip that was about to be discontinued
  • Another client created a new chip design that infringed several patents — but had no idea
  • After consulting with us, one company slashed its product cost by one-third and power by 25 percent

...and the list goes on. Wouldn't you want some practical, business-relevant insight like that?

Microprocessors and embedded-systems analysis is what we do here at Silicon Insider. We're fanatical about chips, software, and systems. Take advantage of our 20 years' experience designing, marketing, comparing, and reviewing everything from new CPU designs to software-development tools to press kits. If it's good, we'll tell you. If it's not... we'll tell you that, too. Then we'll help you make it better.

Private Feedback Can Save You a Bundle

"Wouldn't you rather hear it from a friend?"

  • Got a product rollout coming in a few months?
  • Want to make sure your PR, press, and analyst tour will set the world on fire?
  • Wonder how your new product will stack up against the competition?

Who you gonna ask?

Silicon Insider, that's who. We provide our major-league clients with private, confidential feedback and review sessions, so they know what they're up against before they go on the road. We'll look at everything, from the hardware and software, to the press and analyst presentations, your PowerPoint, the product manual, your features-and-benefits... everything. It's the whole product that matters, and you can't afford to whiff any part of it. Your competitors are waiting to catch you out.

We combine years of product-development and product-marketing experience with a tough and objective analyst's perspective. We're not going to pull any punches; if your product rollout is weak, we'll tell you now — and then help you fix it. And really, wouldn't you rather hear it from a friend?

All engagements are confidential and are best scheduled 3–6 months before the product rollout.
Pricing depends on the product complexity and the level of analysis required, but generally ranges from $2000 to $10,000. Call for a free initial consultation and let's get started.


Choose the Best Processor... or Die

Choosing a microprocessor or microcontroller is a decision you'll have to live with for years. Studies show that processor decisions tend to last 10 years or more.

  • Are you sure you're choosing the right chip for your next product?
  • ... for your company?
  • ... for your future?

There are more than 100 different 32-bit processors for sale right now. And even more 16-bit and 8-bit devices. Different programming models; different software tools; different hardware features; different everything. That's a lot of chips to evaluate. Are you up for it? Where will you find the time? Are you sure you're really picking the right one, with the right tools, the right roadmap for growth, the right power, performance, and peripheral options?

Here at Silicon Insider we're total die-hard fanatics about embedded microprocessors. It's what we do. Comparative anatomy is our thing, and we indulge our talent by evaluating microprocessors to help managers, engineers, programmers, buyers, and even investors to get the absolute best chip for their job.

Can you make do with anything less?

Your initial consultation is always free, so why not call 831.375.8086 or write (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a quick chat? Tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you find a match made in heaven.