Increase Your Business Through Racing Sponsorship!

Your brand is going fast! Motorsports is the fastest-growing spectator sport in America. Expose your product or service to an influential and tech-savvy audience. Get in on the action for less than the cost of your daily latte.

Get your full-color logo decals on the race car! Splash your brand across the transport trailer! Get your product samples, coupons, T-shirts, or materials distributed at all the races! Hear your company name announced daily over the PA system! And sponsor packages are payable either quarterly or annually, starting as low as $500 for the entire year!

Our racing sponsors include Express Logic, Texas Instruments, Mentor Graphics, Zilog, ARC International, Techfocus Media, The Linley Group, Mindpik, and others. You'll generate new interest and inquiries into your products, brands, or services. There's nothing like a race car to grab attention and draw a crowd! Get a piece of this action and reinforce your high-performance reputation!

Reach an influential demographic that's 3x more likely to be high-income earners with decision-making authority. Our races attract high-net-worth individuals from around California, the Bay Area, and Silicon Valley.

Take advantage of this unique promotional vehicle to establish your brand, entertain clients, or liven up promotional materials. It's effective — it's affordable — and it's fun!

Just a Taste of Some of the Action

2011 Racing Calendar

Just updated! Here's the racing calendar for the 2011 season.

Race events are often held over a three-day weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun). There is always on-track action all three days, so come for the whole weekend, a day, an afternoon, or just a single race!

In-Car Video


More Racing Action

Racer's Eye View


Title Sponsor & Naming Rights

Our top-level sponsor package gives you premier treatment and exposure, yet still costs less than a single trade show or conference.

As the sole title sponsor, your company or product name becomes the team's name ("SuperTech Racing Team") and announced live to the crowd at every race event, qualifying, and practice session.

Your oversized full-color logo decals get prime placement front & center on the race car and on the trailer tow vehicle. That means your name is visible even before and after the races. You get a rolling billboard all year long.

There's more. Your name is printed on all official race documents. You get your own custom DVD video of in-car race action (like the samples shown on this page). Share it with clients, post it on the Web, include it in press kits.

You also get a customized plaque or trophy for your office or lobby, and a framed photograph of your race car in action. You and three lucky friends get all-access Pit Passes to every race of the year. Sit back and watch or help out in the pits — it's your choice. Help time cars with a stopwatch (supplied) or just sit and watch the action from the grandstands. Hey, it's your team!

Firesuit Logo Sponsor Package

Ever noticed the colorful sponsor logos on a race driver's coveralls? So does everyone else.

We'll emblazon your company name and logo on the the firesuit in your choice of colors. It looks ultra-professional and shows up great on the video.

Plus, you get two big full-color decals on the race car, two embroidered logo team shirts, and two all-access pit passes.

Custom racing suit 


Pole Position Package

With this package you get two extra-large full-color logo decals on the race car, four team shirts in your choice of color and embroidered with your custom logo, two all-access Pit Passes, and a framed photo of your race car in action.

Radio Crew/Spotter Package

Be a part of the racing team! After we apply your two full-color logo decals you'll wear your own two-way radio headset during races.

Talk with the driver and other team members, spot track conditions, call in accidents, and share strategy tips.


Pit Crew Package

This entry-level package offers benefits any company or individual can afford. You get high-profile exposure in an exciting and unique way with two full-color logo decals right on the race car.

You also get a pair of all-access Pit Crew passes for yourself and a client, customer, or employee. Come watch the race at your choice of venue. If you like to get your hands dirty, help change tires, refuel the race car, or help with tuning and setup.

Everybody Wins!

Create your own sponsor package! Want us to pass out your brochures? Give away your logo T-shirts? Want to attend the races and listen in on the pit-to-car radio? Bring your clients to the races? Combine a race weekend with golf at Pebble Beach or wine tasting in Napa/Sonoma? We can do all that and more! Just tell us how you'd like to energize your marketing and we'll make it happen. It's an unbeatable vehicle to make sure your marketing is firing on all cylinders!